Zinks Town Magical DIY Succulent Bar is a truly unique one of a kind experience. Pick your own pot, a succulent, make a wish, then pick magical crystals, flowers and herbs to help manifest your wish. Then you get to decorate your new magical succulent as fun as you want!

Have You Ever Heard of a Magical DIY Succulent Bar?

Neither have we, so we made one.

Visit our shop and be guided step by step through a magical and mystical experience creating a piece of spiritual living art.

One of our Succy Babes will guide you step by step into making your magical succulent. Just come in, pick your pots and succulents and we will do the rest. What does that include? Well you get to make a wish, find magical ingredients to help your wish grow with your plant, then plant and decorate.

This process is highly artist, fun, and often called therapeutic by our guests. It is an experience you will never forget and you'll want to come back for more and more!

You can walk in during our normal business hours to do the succulent bar anytime.

Reservations are highly recommended for any parties 6 and more on Friday night- Sunday.

Our price depends on the pot you chose and average rate ranges from $35-$65. Each pot will fall into one of three categories. Chic includes 1 small succulent, Posh includes 2 small succulents or 1 medium. Premium includes 3 small succulents, or 2 Medium. The prices include the whole succulent bar experience. There are additional add ons availble including adding another succulents and adding miniatures to your pots landscape.

It takes 45 min-1.5 hours on average for your entire experience.

Now booking private and mobile parties!

Keep watching our instagram as we like to post cool new pots and lots of information there before we update our website. Our original Instagram was hacked (@zinkstown) please follow our new one @zinkstownofficial

We accept our last succulent bar 30 minutes before closing as the experience lasts over an hour normally.


Our Current business hours are

Wednesday & Thursday


Friday & Saturday




Please call or text 505-337-1188 to make a reservation or


Please include your name, number of people in your party, with the date and time you'd like to come in.

We will reply back with a confirmation of your reservation!

AT THIS TIME: WE DO NOT ACCEPT WEEKDAY RESERVATIONS with parties of 6 or less. Please just walk in.

Thank you!

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Private Parties

Looking for a place to hold an event? Zinks Town would love to host it for you!

We host private parties while we are closed. That is before or after business hours, and on our closed days Monday & Tuesday.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to private parties!

Our private parties cost an hourly fee plus the pots you choose for each person attending the party.

Our rates depend on how many people are coming to the party.

There will be an hourly fee to host the party rates are as follows:

$40/ hour for up to 10 people.

$60/ hour for up to 20 people.

$80/hour for up to 30 people.

$100/ hour for up to 40 people.

$120/ hour for up to 50 people.

There is a 2 hour minimum for all parties, but we recommend renting the space for 3 hours as many parties go over that time.

To book a party you will need to pay the deposit which is the hourly fee. The pots can be paid for at the end of the party.

Our group rates for the pots start at $25/ person with 10 people minimum.

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Mobile Parties

Would you like to add some magic to your special event? We'd love to bring our mobile succulent bar to your events!

Our rates are similar to our private parties in that there is an hourly fee and per person fee as well.

Our hourly fee begins at set up and ends at take down and we will need 30 minutes minimum before and after the party to set up and take down. For larger parties we may need more time for set up.

$55/hour for up to 10 people

$75/ hour for up to 20 people

$95/ hour for up to 30 people

$115/hour for up to 40 people

$135/ hour for up to 50 people

We are happy to accommodate larger parties, please let us know if you have a larger party.

Group rates start at $25 and go higher depending on the pot choices you pick for your party!

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What makes our Succulent Bar Magical?


Sometimes we just need something to believe in. At Zinks Town we believe that everything boils down to manifestation; Prayer, placebo effect, spells... we just use different tools to manifest.

So we took tools that we understood and researched tools from other cultures (that were taught to us by those cultures) and incorporated them into one experience to help bring your manifestations to life.

Although we may provide the tools, we know the power to achieve your manifestations lies within yourself. You're the one who gives meaning and power to anything in your life.

Think of it this way: a kids "blanky" or "teddy bear" can solve anything for them. It will make them happy, or stop crying or hurting etc. Because that child gave meaning to that blanket. Your lucky socks work because you wore them once, and the Diamondbacks won the World Series.

However, if you gave that blank, bear, or socks to me... they would have no value to me. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MADE THOSE ITEMS MEANINGFUL. YOU PUT THE MAGIC INTO THEM.

We give you the tools, and you make the magic!

Believe or you don't believe... either way it will be true.

Tips for Manifesting Before You Arrive

At Zinks Town, we only support positive wishes that don't interfere with free will.

We will guide you through the process of a proper manifestation but do note that your wish needs to be positive.

Examples are but not limited to:

We do not support wishing ill will on anybody.

We do not support forcing a certain someone to love you.

We can transform our negative thoughts into positive ones for instance

Instead of wishing ill will onto someone who has hurt your before you may want to wish for inner peace, positivity, and a future with only incredible people.

Instead of wishing for a certain person to love you you can wish for the RIGHT person to love you, eternal love, and reciprocated love.

We know and believe your thoughts become reality and although you should be specific you should leave room for the best possible outcome.

I'll give you an example.

I, Hillary Zinks, Owner of Zinks Town once made a post on Facebook when I was about 25 years old saying "I want to marry a pilot one day so I can travel the world."

Well, I forgot about that post entirely, but at 28 years old, guess who wanted to marry me, a pilot.

I fell onto his lies, and ended up marrying an abusive cheating pilot son of a bitch. Halfway through the marriage Facebook memories popped up and showed me that post, that I did not remember. I didn't even remember having a single thought to marry a pilot to travel the world. But I wrote it down. And because I wrote it down it happened. It was the worst 2 years of my life.

Our words, our mind, is powerful. Say what you want, but leave room for the universe to give you something better.

Do you want success as a Manger of a Pizza Hut? Or do you just want financial success and freedom? Because if you ask for that management position, and the universe sees better for you, it still might drag you through a terrible experience just for you to learn. Then you learn and ask for financial freedom and you get an opportunity open up that you never saw coming, or an idea to start a business you never had before.

Be clear but open with your manifestations and the universe will give you the best it's got.