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Depression & Anxiety Bottled Charms

Depression & Anxiety Bottled Charms

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Help promote better mental health with this very special Bottled Charm collection. These charms were made in house at Zinks Town with love and care. 

The anxiety & depression  was especially formulated with a lovely blend of herbs and crystals known for happy mental health properties.


  • Clear quartz: purifies the aura and soul, balances emotions
  • Tigers Eye: inner strength and courage
  • Citrine: Increases self esteem and focus
  • Pink Salt: Banishes negativity and fear
  • Lavender: healing your soul, promiting peace and calm
  • Thyme: Drives away negativity


Each bottle is sent with an ingredients and information card. Ingredients may vary from ingredients here in description and on the card. Although rare, comparable ingredients may be used in some cases when others were unavailable. 

Items are hand made meaning product will look slightly different than product photo. These jars have different metal charms attached to them, and will vary. Except in the case of the "Money, Success and Abundance" jars. They will all have money bags for metal charms.

Not all bottles are guaranteed come with a screw eyelet (hook) screwed into the top of the jar. Except if ordered as necklace or earrings. 

Shipping & Returns

We are not accepting returns at this time. All artworks will be insured and fully refundable through select postage carrier if delivered damaged. Must contact us within a week of delivery.

Care Instructions

Keep out of direct sunlight or painting will fade over time. Don't keep in a moist area (bathrooms) with out proper airration.

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