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Kokopelli Rock Art Painted by Terri Jayne Signed

Kokopelli Rock Art Painted by Terri Jayne Signed

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The ancient Kokopelli a fertiliity diety represents story, growth, joy, and more to the people native to the Four Corners area. If you've spent much time in the area around Four Corners, there's a very good chance you've encountered the figure of a person blowing on a flute and dancing, long hair trailing behind him.

These are all different sizes and range from 1-3 pounds and as you can see they are about the size of an averave female palm.

These make for great paperweights and house decor. Great gift for women who may be trying to conceive.

Shipping & Returns

We are not accepting returns at this time. All artworks will be insured and fully refundable through select postage carrier if delivered damaged. Must contact us within a week of delivery.

Care Instructions

Keep out of direct sunlight or painting will fade over time. Don't keep in a moist area (bathrooms) with out proper airration.

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