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Manifestation Candle With Crystals and Magical Flowers

Manifestation Candle With Crystals and Magical Flowers

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These candles are specifically designed to help you mediate and manifest your dreams and needs. They come with crystals and magical flowers specific to each candles genre. This series is exclusive to Zinks Town handcrafted locally in New Mexico By Zozaya Candle Company. 

Manifest Success with the scent of Plum and Cashmere- With Green Aventurine Crystals & Peony petals that help manifest success and abundance.

Manifest Love with the scent of Love Charm With rose quartz crystals & rose petals that helps bring love into your life.

Manifest Health with the scent of lavender- With rose quartz crystals & rose petals that promotes mental health.

Protect yourself from negative energies to the scent of Palo Santo- With black tourmaline crystals & red plum that helps protect from negative energies.

Bring Peace of Mind with the scene of patchouli- With lapis lazuli crystals & lotus seed that promotes wisdom and peace of mind.

Manifest anything with the scent of lavender & Sage- With clear quartz crystals & chrysanthemum that helps you manifest anything


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Care Instructions

Keep out of direct sunlight or painting will fade over time. Don't keep in a moist area (bathrooms) with out proper airration.

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